Maine Rock Gym

Mobile Wall

The Maine Rock Gym's top of the line mobile rock and ice climbing walls are set up on a 28' flatbed trailer and can be set up in ten minutes with the use of an internal hydraulic system. Our climbing walls have bolted holds and inlayed features to provide grips for hands and feet. The walls have four exciting and challenging climbing routes of easy to moderate difficulty geared to the first time and novice climbers. Our walls are equipped with the latest auto-belay devices. These units have a cable attached to the climbers harness and retracts as the climber ascends the wall. If the climber falls the friction device in the unit easily arrests the fall and slowly lowers them to the ground. This system provides an extremely safe climbing experience.

Wall Rates
We charge one low hourly rate 365 days a year!

Contact Us for a quote for your event.

3-hour minimum on weekdays.

6-hour minimum on weekends and out of state events.

We also offer discounts to schools and summer camps.

Transportation Rates
We charge a round trip fee of $0.75 per mile from Portland, ME to your event. There is no mileage fee for events in Cumberland County.

Every wall rental comes with two MRG climbing instructors free of charge. All of our climbing instructors are fully trained rock climbers. Our instructors teach safety and basic climbing technique for all ages and abilities.

The Maine Rock Gym provides full liability insurance. A certificate of insurance will be sent prior to your event.

Fully licensed to operate in Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Rhode Island.

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