Florida Home Insurance Policies, what do they NOT cover?

Every insurance policy has stipulated coverage and there are some exemptions. This applies to home insurance, car insurance, health insurance, motorcycle insurance and all other types of insurance. Such a practice is not unique to the state of Florida. It is an industry standard in every state throughout the country. A typical Florida homeowners insurance quote can be basic form, broad form, special form, tenants form or condominium unit owners form.

Most of these policies are designed to provide protection against loss or damage of property. The coverage includes the structure of the home according to https://floridainsurancequotes.net/florida-homeowners-insurance/. Any damage caused to another person or their property within the premises and to repay the mortgage in the event of extensively partial or complete loss of property.  

What will a standard home insurance policy cover?

A standard Florida homeowners insurance quote will cover the dwelling including attached garage or barn, immovable fixtures such as plumbing and electrical wiring, fixed heating and air conditioning units among others. The coverage includes tool sheds, fences, detached garages, cottages or detached guest rooms, furniture, appliances, electronics and other valuables.

Some policies will not cover any living expenses that may be unavoidable if you have to move to a hotel or temporary accommodation when your house is uninhabitable during repairs. Most policies will cover personal financial loss, for instance when someone sues a homeowner for damage or injury suffered on the property. Medical bills to be footed to pay for treatment and recovery of such injured person or people will also be covered.

An ordinary FL home insurance quote from https://floridainsurancequotes.net/florida-homeowners-insurance/ will not have any coverage for loss or damage caused by natural events, such as earthquakes. The policy will not have coverage in the event of flooding. Theft, fire, and windstorm are covered but the total number of perils that your home is vulnerable to will be limited in standard policies.

You need to ask for a Florida homeowners insurance quote for extended coverage if you want more perils to be included in the policy. Else, they remain excluded or exempted. Normal policies do not have coverage for damage caused by vehicles, aircrafts, commotion or civil unrest, riot and explosion, volcanic interruption or smoke. Vandalism is not the same as theft. Policies offering coverage for theft may not include vandalism or any other malicious act.

If you need an expansive coverage, you must opt for a homeowners quote in FL as per the broad form and then go for add-ons as and how you deem fit. The special form is even better as it is the most comprehensive with its coverage. Yet, it would not include earthquake and flooding. You may need a separate policy or a special add-on for that.