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In 1837 Mr Louis Weedon arrived in Huadu, and had the privilege of becoming famous craftsmen Mr. Marechal trunk Layetie-Emballeur apprentice, when production luggage craftsmen are collectively referred to as the Layetie-Emballeur. In 1837 France's first railway was open to traffic in 1838, a European steamship first across the Atlantic, a symbol of modern tourism's officially coming, when Paris trunk artisans to hand made of poplar wood in the suitcase is very beautiful, they are skilled and royal packing gorgeous outfit, so the capital Paris with a sharp rise in demand for its products-replica louis vuitton monogram outlet. On 1853, assistant chief Louis Weedon-replica louis vuitton monogram handbags has been promoted to the boss, at the same time as the trunk expert Eugenie Queen's most trusted, suddenly One's reputation is tenfold higher.

Since becoming a royal, from upper class fashion guest immediately poured. Replica louis vuitton monogram outlet married in 1854, the same year to make important decisions and set up his own company. His wife, Rue Neuve Des Capucines in the distinguished lots of No. four (now Rue des Capucines) to open a shop, location and phantom square (Place Vendome) and later built opera only zhichizhiyao.

Development of the French palace level luxury brand replica louis vuitton monogram bags, originally began with a walking trip across the trials of a long journey. In 1835, replica louis vuitton monogram outlet (Louis Vuitton) at the age of 14, bid farewell to the Swiss border Jurassic Luoshan District Anchay village home, walked 250 miles to Paris into the world. From the mill and the carpenter home he fooled many small, on the way to solve the food and shelter and earn money, then the main craft wooden product, but to his making beech and poplar wood craft to improve, become the valuable experience of a lifetime.